Technical upgrade of No. 6 Blast Furnace

Picture: Blast Furnace skyline of Nizhnij Tagil Works, Russia

By October 2020, EVRAZ will complete a technical upgrade of No. 6 Blast Furnace of their integrated steel works NTMK located at Nizhnij Tagil in the Urals, Russia. The modernization will enable NTMK to increase the nominal capacity by about 40% compared to the previous campaign design. With a hearth diameter of 9.8 meters and an inner volume of 2,200 cubic meters, the new furnace will be able to produce 2.55 million tons of hot metal per year.

As managing a blast furnace of this size with high level performance also requires efficient and reliable casting equipment, NTMK relies on TMT to supply an entire set of casthouse machines for the two tapholes of the blast furnace, including full-hydraulic clay guns, full-hydraulic taphole drills, runner cover manipulators and tilting runner drive units. The ordered equipment represents the latest technology and will contribute to a successful campaign by combining highest performance and lowest maintenance costs.

The technical solutions and the equipment are identical to the technology already successfully installed at NTMK’s new No. 7 Blast Furnace which went into operation in February 2018. Once the new machines will be installed, NTMK will have equipped all their blast furnaces with TMT tapping equipment, as also BF 5 is operating with similar TMT equipment since its installation in 2006. TMT is pleased to have reached the position of a truly trusted partner for EVRAZ in ironmaking technology.

The recent order for the new equipment for  BF 6 at Nizhnij Tagil, also contributes to strengthen the leading market positions of TMT in Russia.



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