New TMT Tapping Equipment for Hoa Phat, Vietnam

In October 2017 Hoa Phat, the largest manufacturer of construction steel and steel pipes in Vietnam, placed a purchase order to TMT for the supply of modern tapping equipment for the new blast furnaces, which were to be built at their Dung Quat site. The project was divided in 2 phases, each comprising 2 new blast furnaces with a capacity of 1080 m3.

Already beginning of 2021, the last of the 4 new blast furnaces was successfully commissioned. Today all of the eight casthouses are equipped with modern clay guns, full-hydraulic drilling machines and associated electric and hydraulic control systems. The entire tapping equipment was built to latest standards and contributes today to the reliable and safe operation of the four blast furnaces.

With the completion of BF-4 early this year, the plant has now reached a capacity of approx. 4 million tons per year.

In total TMT has now equipped 6 blast furnaces of Hoa Phat at their sites at Dung Quat and Hai Duong with modern tapping equipment.



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