Highest measuring resolution

The blast furnace 6 of Tata Steel BV Ijmuiden, Netherlands has become richer by a new TMT innovation!

At the beginning of October 2018 the TMT SOMA®  with 12 horn system could be commissioned successfully.

Thanks to a non-contacting, acoustic measuring process, the TMT SOMA® system provides the absolute gas temperatures over the entire surface. Radiant heat is not realised and therefore cannot falsify the measurements. TMT has developed a very robust and reliable solution helping to operate customer’s blast furnace with maximum efficiency and in an optimised overall process. The measuring technology is positioned in the blast furnace in such a way that charging is not affected.

Due to the combination of acoustic pyrometry and tomography, you obtain measuring results as individual measurements and in the form of a complete 2D top gas temperature distribution. As well as the hardware, TMT supplies the matching measuring, analysis and evaluation software and integrates the system into the existing software environment, if required.

TMT SOMA® has proven effective in use in a large number of blast furnaces worldwide. The visualisation in real-time and the identification of gas channel position support the detailed control of the process and help identify process malfunctions in good time. The operating costs of the system are very low, because it is almost maintenance- and wear-free. There is no need for periodic recalibration.

The system recently installed at TATA Steel BV Ijmuiden is the first 12 horn system at a blast furnace.

We are thankful for the ongoing confidence Tata Steel BV Ijmuiden, Netherlands places in TMT technologies by giving us the opportunity to prove best quality of TMT measuring equipment.



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