CSH - Compañia Siderurgica Huachipato improving furnace monitoring using TMT Probes

During an upcoming Blast Furnace repair in Talcahuano, Chile, “Compañia Siderurgica Huachipato” will install a variety of new TMT probes on its Blast Furnace #2.

The furnace will receive a burden profile measuring system suitable for its furnace’s size to support the customer to make best use of its new charging system in the future.

Also, a TMT SOMA system will be installed to measure the entire gas temperature distribution in the complete BF throat and help the customer understand the permeability of the burden and detect any abnormal process behaviour earlier.

For supporting CSH in further reducing coke rates, a set of fixed and movable In-Burden probes will provide temperature data and an analysis of the gas components inside the furnace.

A Furnoscope camera system will allow the customer to make a qualitative evaluation of the furnace top and the wear of the charging system during operation.

To complete the package, the stockline level will be reliably measured using a combination of radar and mechanical probes.

The measurement data provided by this combination of probes will help CSH to further improve the efficiency of the process, reducing operational costs, fuel rate and CO2 emissions.

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