Combined Plugging and Drilling Machine – High Performance and Flexibility
Specifically for Ferroalloys and Non-Ferrous Metals

The space constraints in reduction (submerged arc) furnaces require even greater customisation of tapping equipment. Based on our comprehensive experience in blast furnace tapping technologies, we have developed combined plugging and drilling machines for customer-specific reduction furnaces. A great advantage for you is that using a rail-mounted machine, several tap holes can be operated with just one machine. TMT machine concepts consider the space you have available as well as your budget.

We offer machine configurations with multiple tools: plugging unit, drilling unit with various types of hammers, rodding unit, sampling device, interface measurement device (metal/slag) or slag flow regulator. To achieve maximum efficiency and meet customer requirements, we constantly improve and refine our equipment.

Other benefits are the extensive safety functions: control of hazardous functions as per “Performance Level D”, light barriers, pull-wire emergency stop switches, collision monitoring with ultrasonic sensors, self-locking clay barrel cover and automated positioning.

TMT control technology allows various automation stages in accordance with country-specific safety requirements.