Tap Hole Drilling Machine – Smooth, Accurate Drilling
Robust and Safe Tapping Technology

The tap hole is one of the most highly stressed areas of the blast furnace; long downtimes occur in case of problems. This is why it is important to protect this area as much as possible through accurate, gentle drilling and correct plugging.

Our drilling technology covers the complete performance range, from pneumatic through hydro-pneumatic to fully hydraulic drilling. A high drilling torque plus optional hammer with adjustable frequency and impact force guarantee that the tap hole can be drilled as gently as possible. Naturally, this can be done fully automatically or manually.

In some cases, high forces are needed to pull a stuck drill rod from the tap hole. We offer you real full reverse drill hammers, not just “retrac hammers”, to avoid rods sticking during retraction and thereby prevent machine damage from the very outset.

Thanks to their modular design and the complete range of drilling performances covered, TMT tap hole drilling machines are used in blast furnaces worldwide, from the very smallest to the largest furnaces with highest output.