Cover Manipulator – Flexible Integration
Safe and Efficient Casthouse Dedusting

The tapping technologies used in your casthouse must make the entire process clean, economic and above all safe. As well as tap hole plugging and drilling machines, we offer suitable custom-built cover manipulators for integration into your casthouse dedusting system.

For greatest layout flexibility, TMT cover manipulators combine tilting, linear and slewing movements with rail-mounted, tuyere platform mounted or low-profile floor-standing structures. For safe and reliable operation, the manipulators are equipped with a lifting force capable of pulling sticking covers free from the runners. For optimum coordination of the clay gun, tap hole drill and cover manipulator, a common PLC- and hydraulic control system is used. This allows cost-effective automation and synchronisation of the entire process.

Naturally, we adapt cover manipulators precisely to your individual casthouse layout, dedusting needs and work flows, to carry out plugging, drilling and runner covering as ergonomically, quickly and efficiently as possible.