Clay Gun – Correct, Repeatable, Safe Plugging
Easily Process the Most Demanding Clay Masses

The best tap hole drill is useless when the tap hole is not correctly plugged. Therefore, the top priorities when plugging are a reliable plugging process and best possible protection of the tap hole. With this in mind, we develop and produce rugged, high-precision clay guns.

All details of the plugging equipment are coordinated to provide an optimised plugging process. The “Soft-Touch” function allows a smooth and gentle approach to the tap hole. The motion geometry of the slewing system enables a linear travel path along the tap hole axis with consistently high contact pressure. At the same time, the plugging compound in the barrel is constantly maintained at the ideal processing temperature by means of heating and/or cooling. Thanks to the PLC control, the slewing and plugging functions can be fully automated and are reproducible. This avoids damage to the tap hole and minimizes maintenance and repair times, and as a result, downtimes.

Because of the tough working environment, our commitment to high quality applies even to the smallest details of TMT clay guns; they are designed to be wear-resistant to minimize the risk of breakdown. Wear parts are designed for cost efficiency and can be replaced quickly and easily to keep maintenance costs as low as possible.