Leading Tapping Technology - Worldwide
Safe - Reliable - Efficient

Well-functioning tapping technology is critical for stable and highly efficient furnace performance. Drawing on the expertise we have acquired from extensive projects with more than 1’100 furnaces equipped by TMT, we offer you quality refined by hands on experience. In addition, our measuring systems provide exactly the data you need to systematically optimise your furnace process. Our products are meticulously designed for reliability, long service life and low maintenance.

You don’t need to worry about system capability; instead, you can focus fully on your production processes.

Moreover, we offer you maximum flexibility in respect of the individual design. Our experienced engineering team will develop custom solutions for you, adapted to the space available and the processes you use. You will benefit from our hands-on experience accumulated since more than one century and more than 3’000 machines and probes delivered. The tap hole drilling technology currently used worldwide was developed by TMT itself or with considerable input from TMT.

Tapping Technology for Blast Furnaces
Tapping Technology for Ferroalloys