TMT SOMA™– Optimised Processes
Real Absolute Gas Temperature over the Complete Burden Surface

Traditionally, the gas temperature distribution in the blast furnace top cone is measured at multiple points over one radius or several radii. For evaluation purposes rotational symmetry is assumed.

The TMT SOMA™ system provides you with the gas temperatures over the entire burden surface.

The results of the non-contact acoustic measuring principle are not falsified by radiation heat and provide the absolute gas temperature. Due to the combination of high resolution acoustic pyrometry and tomography, you obtain measuring results as individual measurements and in the form of a complete 2D top gas temperature distribution. The visualisation in real-time (update every 4 – 6 seconds) and the identification of gas channel positions support the detailed blast furnace process control and help identify process malfunctions in good time.

Together with the hardware, we supply the matching data acquisition-, analysis- and evaluation software as well as the integration into your existing level 1 blast furnace control system. The measuring equipment is positioned in the blast furnace in such a way that charging is not affected and has proven to be a highly robust and reliable solution. The operating costs of the system are very low, as it is almost maintenance and wear free. There is no need for periodic recalibration.

This new TMT SOMA™ technology has already confirmed its value in a large number of blast furnaces worldwide and is gradually replacing the fixed installed above burden temperature probes.