3D TopScan™ (Surface Profile Meter) – Intelligent Measuring
Optimum Control of the Burdening Process

Would you like to know at all times exactly what is happening in the blast furnace top and how the charging process is progressing? Do you want to evaluate the “coke push” effect? The TMT 3D TopScan™ profilemeter provides you with real-time data of the complete surface of the burden. Together with the charging data, a layer model is generated to analyse the relationship of charging sequences and blast furnace process results. The entire process can be optimized to improve the ”fuel rate” without measuring interruptions during the charging process.

The 3D TopScan™ system is completely enclosed and protected against the aggressive atmosphere inside of the blast furnace. During charging there is no contact with the burden material flowing in. The measuring data recorded continuously over the entire surface in a high-resolution 3D format is compiled into a topographic surface representation every 20 seconds.

The system operates 24/7, is not susceptible to malfunctions and requires little maintenance. Any maintenance necessary can be carried out with the furnace in operation. You benefit from a large volume of information allowing high value process gains at low operating cost.