Measuring Technology – Analysis of Valuable Process Data
Optimum Control of the Entire Blast Furnace Process

The blast furnace, with its complex processes and difficult access for measuring purposes, represents a solid challenge when it comes to generating blast furnace process transparency. Our aim is to provide you with the data and evaluations you need to control your blast furnace processes to achieve desired hot metal quality, production efficiency and reliability.

For decades, our measuring systems have proven effective in blast furnaces worldwide. They are particularly robust, save space and designed not to impair or influence the blast furnace process during measurement. Measuring without data analysis is useless. We offer you the appropriate analysis software for the evaluation of the data collected using the TMT measuring technology. TMT software is either offered as standalone or it can be integrated into your level 1 blast furnace control system.

On the following pages we will present a selection from our measuring equipment range.

Measuring Technology Products