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There is an ongoing effort to reduce pig iron production cost which requires furnace productivity improvement, coke and fuel rate reductions and longer furnace campaign life – often while dealing with poorer raw material quality. To meet these objectives, the blast furnace process has to be transparent and it has to be modelled accurately.
With the help of TMT measuring technology, process parameters can be gathered reliably and an optimized plant operation can be achieved by means of expert systems.

Products conceived with the help of state of the art design tools and with "hands on experience” have proven themselves in the harsh blast furnace environment. Operational safety and a high degree of automation are key design criteria. Custom engineering of the probe layout and optimised evaluation of the measurement results are the foundations for success.

By combining various measurements into one probe, the tight space around a blast furnace is used optimally. If you would like to measure a parameter not covered by any measuring system today, TMT is your partner. New challenges have always been the driving force of our developments.

Typical probe layouts. All probes can be linked to blast furnace expert systems.


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